Rolls in the selection of what should be considered

Roll is to determine the efficiency of the mill and rolling quality of the important consumption of parts, it is an important part of the steel mill rolling mill, the use of rolling pressure generated by the rolling mill to roll the steel. So in the production of rolls we usually need to consider what factors in the selection of materials?

1, the roll must have a good bite, so the choice of slab thickness is required.

2, the choice of roll material must have a good resistance to thermal cracking and thermal fatigue;

3, the material for the roll diameter is large, long roll body length, the rolling force to withstand high

4, the material is required to have high fracture resistance and high strength.

5, due to roughing and finishing in the same stand to complete, so we must take into account the rough rolling when the thickness of the rolled parts, small width, and so on.

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