Rolls are the cornerstone of cold rolling quality.

The cornerstone of cold rolled steel strip quality is the roll, and cold rolled steel strip surface roughness depends mainly on the cold rolled steel grossing process. Furring rolls have the ability to improve slab shape and product surface quality, improve deep-drawn performance, improve coating performance, avoid sticking to the steel when rolling, reduce the rolling cross-hatch, eliminate the annealing of adhesion, have a longer service life and other characteristics.

In the face of the arduous production tasks, the roll center in the refinement of management and technology research in two aspects of the precise force. Roll center grinding two workshops with careful operation, careful inspection, dedicated research, comprehensively improve the surface quality of rolls. For every lifting of rolls, every drop of rolls, every adjustment of the center height of the tiles, all refine the standards and develop detailed operating procedures. Special emphasis on the lifting of the roll, pay attention to the air can not swing greatly, to prevent the roll surface and insulation shed, half door crane gently in contact; each drop roll, need to be strictly close to the top of the head box and the tail box, in the distance of 5 meters away from the location of the operation less than 1 cm of the space range of the drop roll. Whenever the rolls fall to the TOW, rolling spares workers will need to carefully wipe the roll surface, carefully check the roll surface of the tiny defects, if slight watermarks, all need to be polished with mirror sandpaper, which can start grossing operation.

Roll center aiming at peer advanced standards, find gaps, make up for shortcomings, by technical staff and various steel mills to establish the surface quality of the rolls between the group for communication, in order to improve management capabilities, tap the space for improvement. Roll center take the long and make up for their shortcomings, through exchanges and in-depth research to gradually improve the quality of roll grossing, to ensure the cornerstone of slab quality, to provide a strong guarantee for the cold rolling production line.

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