Roll material and heat treatment process

The life of the roll mainly depends on the roll’s intrinsic performance and work force, the intrinsic performance including strength and hardness and so on. To make the roll has enough strength, mainly from the roll material to consider; hardness usually refers to the hardness of the working surface of the roll, which determines the wear resistance of the roll, to a certain extent, also determines the service life of the roll, through a reasonable selection of materials and heat treatment can meet the hardness requirements of the roll.

Cold rolls in the working process to withstand a lot of rolling pressure, coupled with the rolled parts of the weld, inclusions, edge cracks and other issues, which can easily lead to instantaneous high temperature, so that the work rolls are subjected to strong thermal shock caused by cracks, sticky rolls or even peeling and scrap. Therefore, cold rolls should have the ability to resist cracking and spalling caused by bending, torsion, shear stress, but also high wear resistance, contact fatigue strength, fracture toughness and thermal shock strength.

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