Roll knowledge

Cast iron rolls
Cast iron rolls in the carbon content of 2.5% -3.5% or so, according to the main material can be divided into ordinary cast iron rolls, high nickel-chromium infinite cold hardened composite cast iron rolls, high chromium composite cast iron rolls and alloy ductile iron rolls of four categories. Cast iron rolls in the common organization can be divided into the matrix, carburite, graphite three categories, the matrix organization of the main clathrate, ferrite, pearlite, bainite and martensite, graphite in the cast iron in the form of general flake and spherical two:

Ordinary cast iron rolls
Ordinary cast iron rolls can be divided into cold hard cast iron rolls, medium and low alloy unlimited cold hard cast iron rolls, medium and low alloy ductile iron rolls, cold hard cast iron is the use of iron itself subcooling and mold surface cooling method to obtain a cast iron its roll surface cooling and generate white mouth
Layer, high hardness, good wear resistance. Cold cast iron roll according to the manufacturing process and core material can be divided into non-ductile iron, ductile composite, and ball core three categories. Infinite cold hard cast iron roll is between cold hard cast iron and grey cast iron between a material, the working layer of its roll body matrix organization in the presence of graphite, and the working layer of the roll body and the core has no obvious demarcation line, rubber roll is this low-end roll. Ordinary cast iron rolls are mainly used for stacked thin plate mill, three-roll Lauter-type plate mill, wire rod mill, bar mill and section steel mill rolls.

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