Roll breakage prevention method

The prevention of fracture should be carried out from four aspects: reducing the residual stress of manufacturing, mechanical stress, tissue stress and [1] thermal stress.

In general, most of the manufacturing residual stresses are eliminated during the heat treatment process and will gradually be eliminated as the rolls are stored for a longer period of time, so storing new rolls for a period of time before using them can reduce the risk of roll breakage. The main way to avoid large mechanical stresses is to avoid supercooled steel. The method to reduce the microstructure stress is to control the residual austenite content of the working layer of the roller body to less than 5% through heat treatment. The way to reduce the thermal stress is to cool the rolls well during the rolling process.

Manufacturing residual stress, mechanical stress, microstructure stress and thermal stress are the main causes of high chromium steel roll fracture, good heat treatment, rolling conditions and cooling can effectively prevent high chromium steel roll fracture.

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