Open mixing roll common fault handling measures

Open mixing roll common fault handling measures
Mixing roll bearing part is overheated, the temperature is over 100℃.

(1) The temperature of mixing roll working surface is low, and the amount of charging is too large, which causes the load of mixing roll bearing to be too large, and destroys the lubricating oil film layer, and as a result, the pressure-carrying surface of the axle liner can not be adequately lubricated, and the bearing temperature is too high due to friction heat and heating.

(2) Stop charging, raise the temperature of the working surface of Mixing roll to the temperature required by the process, and then reduce the amount of charging.

(3) The pressure of lubricant input bearing is low or the amount of lubricant input is low, or the oil pipeline may be blocked, you should stop the car and check the lubricant supply system.

(4) Bearing body cooling circulating water circulation is not smooth or cooling water flow is small, should increase the cooling water flow or inspection and dredging pipeline.

(5) Mixing roll journal or liner serious wear and tear, sliding surface roughness, should be stopped to overhaul, grinding two parts of the sliding contact surface or change the liner.

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