Mixing process of compacting machine Mixing roll

Mixing is the process of refining raw rubber or plasticized raw rubber and mating agent into a rubber mix with a refining machine, which is the most important production process of rubber processing. In essence, it is the process of evenly dispersing the compound in the raw rubber, the granular compound is in the dispersed phase and the raw rubber is in the continuous phase.

Mixing can be done in open kneaders, compactors and screw continuous mixers. The rubber mixing process is essentially a homogeneous dispersion of the compatibilizer in the raw rubber, with the granular compatibilizer in the dispersed phase and the raw rubber in the continuous phase. During the mixing process, the molecular structure of the rubber, the molecular weight size and its distribution, as well as the aggregation state of the compatibilizer all change.

Through mixing, the rubber and the cooperating agent have physical and chemical interactions, forming a new structure. Compounding is a dispersion system with complex structural properties. Due to the high viscosity of the raw rubber, the strong mechanical shear action of the refiner is necessary in order to allow the compound to penetrate into the raw rubber and to be evenly mixed and dispersed therein.

Mixing with the refining machine operation safety, low labor intensity, is currently the most common application.

Mixing requirements for the matching agent uniformly dispersed in the raw rubber, the formation of gelatinous dispersion, in order to make the vulcanized rubber has the best performance. At the same time, the plasticity of the rubber compound also has certain requirements, so that it can meet the requirements of the latter process.

There are one-stage and two-stage mixing method. The former is in the rubber gradually added with the agent. The latter is to add softeners and powder fillers for the first stage of coarse mixing, the rubber after cooling and placed for a certain period of time, and then add sulfur and accelerator for the second stage of mixing. A rubber process in which rubber (raw rubber) is mixed with various compounds (see Rubber Compounding) in a refiner. In order to incorporate powdered compounds into the rubber, the raw rubber must first be plasticized to improve its plasticity and fluidity. The mixing process is the most basic process of rubber processing, and the quality of the compound after adding the binder has a decisive influence on the process performance of the semi-finished product and the quality of the finished product.

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Mixing roll


Mixing Rolls are used for producing rubber and plastic compounds, they are installed on a Mixing Mill/ Two-Roll Mill/ Open Mill/ Open Mixing Mill. Can be designed with Cored and Drilled type.


Rubber and tire production, PVC-foil production


1070 mm

Roll length:





Cored type, Drilled type