Management of roll bearings

(1) Storage and custody of roll bearings. The inner and outer ring components of the bearings should be wrapped in plastic, and the packaging design of the bearings should meet the moisture-proof and dust-proof requirements of the bearings. In order to avoid oval deformation of inner and outer rings, roll bearings should be kept horizontally, bearings should be stored in the original packing box and placed in a dry place. In dusty, humid environments, bearings are not allowed to be removed from the package and placed on pallets or open shelves. All bearing installation tools should be clean and in good condition, bench assembly area should be kept clean, not in the welding area and machining equipment next to the assembly, to avoid debris and dirt into the bearing.

(2) Management of roll bearings before and after use. New rolls into the factory to avoid collision during transportation, after the consent of the relevant departments to start using the new roll number before use, in order to manage the new rolls according to the car (grinding) roll provisions of the car (grinding) chipping qualified, hanging to the special mounted rolls on the v-type stand (the use of cranes should pay attention to the support band placed on the rolls in the roll neck in the correct position, all the electromagnetism body can not be close to the rolls) to start checking the work of all the roll dimensions, to carry out a comprehensive measurement Whether with the drawings, size qualified to start loading bearing sleeve and sealing end caps and other auxiliary parts, the general method is: the bearing sleeve with oil or electric heater heated to 150% to 200%, when the inner sleeve after the expansion of the hot loaded to the roll roll neck. Bearing for a long time, the raceway surface, the rotation surface will occur fatigue phenomenon, inevitably reach the service life. In order to delay fatigue, or to prevent accidents in operation, it should be appropriate inspection, maintenance. Since the sound, temperature, and vibration become abnormal when the bearing in operation becomes abnormal, these conditions should be carefully checked during normal operation and inspected again and again during operation. This determines that it is necessary to confirm the systematization of inspection for a certain period of time.

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