Little knowledge about roll index

Regardless of hot rolling or cold rolling, the roll is a direct tool to achieve metal deformation during the rolling process. Therefore, the requirements for roll quality are strict. Its main quality requirements are strength, hardness and certain heat resistance. Roll strength is the most basic quality indicator. While meeting the strength requirements, it must also have a certain impact resistance toughness. To ensure that the roll has sufficient strength, the main considerations include selecting the roll material and determining a reasonable roll structure and size. Whether the strength is sufficient or not can be determined based on the calculation of the roll strength. Hardness usually refers to the hardness of the working surface of the roll and is also the main quality indicator of the roll. It determines the wear resistance of the roll. To a certain extent it determines the service life of the roll. Hardness requirements can be met through material selection and some kind of heat treatment on the roll surface. In addition, when the roll is working under hot rolling conditions, it should also have certain heat resistance to ensure product accuracy.

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