How about the type and structure of rolls?

Roll is an important part of the mill, according to the type of mill can be divided into strip mill rolls, section steel wheel machine rolls and steel pipe mill rolls three categories.
Plate and strip mill rollers roll body is cylindrical, hot drying plate and strip rollers roll body slightly concave, when subjected to thermal expansion, can maintain a better wrench shape; cold rolled plate and strip rollers roll body is slightly convex, when it is subjected to bending to ensure that a good wrench shape; section steel mill rollers roll body has rolling grooves, according to the requirements of the rolling process, the arrangement of the hole type. Pipe rolling in the use of oblique rolling principle of rolling rolls have conical, drum-shaped or disk-shaped.

Roller according to the roll mass hardness can be divided into:
(1) soft roll; Shaw’s hardness of about 30 a 40, used for open billet machine, large section steel mill rent mill, etc..
(2) semi-hard rolls: Shore hardness of about 40 a 60, for large, medium, small section steel mill and steel plate wheel machine rent mill.
(3) hard surface roll: Shore hardness of about 60 a 85, used for thin plate, plate, medium-sized steel and small steel mill draft mill and four-roll mill support roll.
(4) special hard roll le’s hardness is about 85-100, for cold rolling mill.
Rolls by the roll body, roll neck and the head of the two parts. The roll neck is mounted in the bearing, and the rolling force is transmitted to the frame through the sleeve bearing seat and the press down device. The platinum head is connected to the connecting shaft to transmit the rolling torque. There are three main forms of shaft head; plum blossom head, universal head, with keyway or cylindrical head. Practice has shown that the shaft head with double plating groove in the use of the process, inlaid groove wall is easy to collapse, is now commonly used easy to process with the platform of the sleeve head instead of the double cause groove of the pump head.
Diameter of more than 400mm cold rolls, in the forging, mostly in the center steamed a 670-250mm through 7 L. In this way, a force surface can make the roll by the heat treatment of the internal stresses of the store subhuman hooks; on the other hand, in the surface quenching of the roll, can be water cooling of the roll to improve the effect of quenching.

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