Forged steel rolls

Through smelting, forging and heat treatment, the forged steel rolls have uniform high hardness, high wear resistance and excellent accident resistance on the roll body working layer, while ensuring that the roll neck and roll body core have certain strength and high toughness. This unique property of forged steel rolls gives them irreplaceable advantages over cast rolls in cold rolling and non-ferrous rolling. According to the conditions of use, forged steel rolls can be divided into forged steel hot rolls and forged steel cold rolls. Forged steel hot rolls are mainly used for hot rolling blanks and rough rolling rolls for steel sections, while forged steel cold rolls are widely used for cold rolls. Forged steel cold rolls have high requirements for use. The surface of the roll body must have high and uniform hardness to ensure the dimensional accuracy and good surface quality of the cold-rolled strip or steel plate. The roll body has a certain depth of hardened layer and has high accident resistance. For this reason, the original organization of the roll is very strict, one is pure metallurgical quality, and the other is the uniformity of the organization. At present, my country mainly uses cold rolling roller materials containing about 2% chromium, and the working layer above HS90 is about 10mm. The newly developed Cr5 series cold rolling rollers contain 5% chromium, and the working layer above HS90 is more than 30mm. The excellent performance of the C5 series cold rolling working rollers in all aspects will gradually replace the traditionally used C2 series cold rolling rollers and become the development direction of cold rolling working rollers.

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