Centrifugal casting roll sleeve

Centrifugal composite casting roll technical advantages

1, solidified under the action of centrifugal force, roll organization is dense, white mouth layer uniform, no air holes, sand holes, slag and other shortages;

2, centrifugal casting rolls can be set bushings, greatly saving the consumption of raw materials and the weight of the roll itself;

3, centrifugal composite casting rollers due to the absence of pockmarked layer, and uniform white layer, drilling is extremely convenient and fast;

4, centrifugal composite casting roll work surface hardness can be produced according to user requirements, generally up to HS76 ± 2 °, the roll’s wear resistance is good, good internal toughness, quality and stability;

5, the roll working layer of uniform organization, hardness change is small, white mouth layer hardness difference does not exceed HS5 °, to ensure the stability of roll quality;

6, long service life (than vertical static casting rolls can be extended 3-5 times), for the user to save a lot of money;

7, roll size can be produced according to user requirements, the maximum diameter of 1000mm, length up to 6000mm.

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