What is the whole roll

Integral rolls are relative to the composite rolls, integral rolls of the roll body outer layer and the heart and neck of the roll using a single material casting or forging and become, the roll body outer layer and the roll neck of different organizations, properties through the casting or forging process and heat treatment process to control and adjust.

Forged rolls and static casting rolls belong to the whole roll.
1- roll according to the material is mainly divided into which categories?
Rolls according to the manufacturing material is mainly divided into cast steel series rolls, cast iron series rolls and forging series rolls three categories.
2- What is casting rolls, casting rolls, what are the main types?
Casting rolls refers to the smelting steel or molten iron directly poured molding this production method of manufacturing roll types.
Casting rolls according to the material can be divided into cast steel rolls and cast iron rolls two categories; according to the manufacturing method can be divided into the whole casting rolls and composite casting rolls two categories.

3- which rolls are suitable for the whole casting production?
Initial mill, billet mill, large steel and rail beam mill, hot strip mill scale and edge mill, steel universal mill edge mill, there are small steel, wire rod mill roughing mill stand and other mills using the roll, most of the whole casting method of production, this type of roll using a thicker layer, the hole type is deeper. In addition, the two-roll roughing rolls of the hot strip mill are also suitable for overall casting production.

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