What is the production technology and process of alloy cast steel rolls?

Most of the alloy cast steel rolls for the whole casting rolls. The traditional production process using the roll body cold type hanging sand, bottom injection and annealing and tempering heat treatment, mainly used for the production of carbon steel rolls and ordinary 3-roll type steel mill, compound two heavy bar and wire rod mill used in ordinary alloy cast steel rolls. In order to strengthen the alloy cast steel rolls roll body performance, in order to obtain a good roll body working layer casting organization, most of the cold type of hanging sand changed to cold type of spray coating, risers shrinkage using electric heating process, with the increase in the degree of alloying of rolls, rolls heat treatment increased high temperature diffusion and spheroidization and other means of technology.

Alloy cast steel roll production process has two kinds: one is smelting – casting – heat treatment – processing – performance, flaw detection and other testing – finished products; two is smelting – casting -Rough machining – heat treatment – finishing – performance, flaw detection and other tests – finished products.  In 1986, the introduction of the German GP (Gontennann a Peipers Gmbh) roll manufacturing technology, the use of non-flow casting process to produce large square / slab alloy cast steel primary roll. The rolls were successfully used in Baosteel Φ1300mm l primary mill.  In 1997, Maanshan Iron and Steel and Lai Steel introduced the universal rolling mill for section steel with annual output of 600,000t and 500,000t from Germany and Japan respectively, and in recent years, many iron and steel enterprises in China have introduced and put into operation the universal rolling mill for section steel one after another. According to the section steel universal rolling mill alloy cast steel BD (Break Down) roll structure and special conditions of use, the domestic still apply the no-flow casting process with electrically heated risers in the static casting; conditions of production, so that the alloy cast steel BD roll in the solidification process to achieve the order of solidification, casting to obtain the dense heart of the organization, so as to develop and improve the manufacturing technology of the alloy cast steel roll.

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