What is carbon steel rolls, what are its organizational characteristics?

BAOFENGMMC is specialized in making rolls, making rolls for many years, have a very good reputation in all areas, the quality is top quality, can be customized in various sizes and models, the warranty time is also longer than normal manufacturers.

Carbon steel roll is a lower alloy content (not more than 0.8%) of the eutectic steel composition roll, such as GB1503-89 “cast steel roll” listed in the Z-U70, ZU80, ZU70Mn, etc., for China’s early use of a cast steel roll. Its matrix organization is pearlite, but there are a large number of block or strip ferrite in the matrix organization, reducing the impact toughness of the matrix, while wear resistance is also low. At present, the domestic cross-type steel mill, compound two heavy wire rod mill and individual billet mill is still using carbon steel rolls, has tended to be eliminated.

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