What are the varieties of rolls?

Rolls are an important part of a rolling mill. The roll body of the roll is cylindrical, and the roll body of the hot-rolled plate with the roll is concave, and when it is heated and expanded, it can maintain a good plate shape, and it is an important part of the rolling mill rolling mill. The following BAOFENG MMC mainly introduces to you the varieties of rolls, as follows:

1. Cast iron roll: it is also known as semi-cooled hard cast iron roll, the product adopts the village placer gold type and continues to increase the carbon equivalent to obtain the coarse hemp structure of the roll:
2. Cast steel rolls: Usually supereutectic steel rolls with extremely high carbon content, commonly known as semi-steel rolls:
3. Forged steel rolls: This is mainly a roll produced by forging and processing of steel ingots.
4. Others: In addition to the use of special processing technology, they are directly called by the material

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