The impact of the roll on the quality of the strip

Caused by sticky rollers is the cause of excessive local underpressure, broken strip fragments, folded strip into the mill. General slight sticky roll by manual grinding stone grinding can continue to use, strip surface requirements of high when the roll must be replaced.

Cold rolling process, the roll surface to withstand a lot of extrusion and strong wear. High-speed rolling, steel card, such as over-burning will cause cracks on the roll surface. Therefore, the cold rolling work roll should have a very high and uniform hardness, a certain depth of hardened layer and good wear resistance and crack resistance. Rolls with good resistance to overheating, crack resistance is the main factor to extend the life of the rolls.
Roll hardness is not enough, rolling elastic compression, roll and strip surface contact area increases, to get the same thickness of the product, you must increase the rolling pressure, and rolling pressure is large on the plate shape of the regulation is not favorable. Roll roughness, roll and strip surface friction coefficient increases when rolling, resulting in increased friction, rolling pressure increases.

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