Several factors affecting the refining machine refining rubber

1. Roller speed, speed ratio: the general roller speed of 16-18R / MIN, and the front rollers slow after the roller fast, the speed ratio produces shear force, speed ratio of large reduction of cut force, and vice versa, the speed ratio of small shear force will be relatively small.

2. Roller distance: in the mixing process roller distance is also quite important, roller distance is large, rubber mixing will be uneven, roller distance is small, mixing is relatively uniform, but the production efficiency will be low.
3. Roll temperature: set according to the demand temperature of the formula, when the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the machine can automatically pass water to ensure that the temperature is appropriate.
4. Roll refining time: according to the performance of the formula material to set, too refining will cause the physical properties of the mixing lost, and easy to burn, the quality is not good; mixing time is too short, the material will be mixed unevenly, which directly affects the latter part of the molding.

5. Adding order: Generally, it is difficult to disperse the small amount of the first addition, easy to disperse the amount of more after the addition, but also according to the actual formula.
6. Loading capacity: too much rubber, the rubber can not enter the roller gap in time, but only in situ shaking, which will cause uneven mixing of materials; too little rubber, can not be continuous supply of rubber, low production efficiency.

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