Rubber roller according to the use of the following categories.

In modern society, rubber products, people can not leave the product, the sky, the ground, the sea, will be widely used, the lack of rubber products, is not a modern society. Rubber products are natural rubber and synthetic rubber and artificial rubber as the main material supplemented by a variety of additives, processed into elasticity and elongation of the product, such as according to the use can be divided into dry rubber products, tires, hoses, rubber shoes, rubber sheets, rubber rollers, seals, miscellaneous, and latex products, such as gloves, balloons, glue silk, foam sponge, condoms, etc., and adhesive class. All in all, no less than thousands of products. Which is extremely wide range of industrial products.

Rubber rollers are the most widely used and highly technical industrial products in various fields. The composition of the rubber roller, not only is the use of various natural rubber or synthetic rubber, but also in the metal or other materials for the roller core, and then covered with different types of rubber, molding, vulcanization, grinding and become. Its excellent elasticity, instead of metal rollers used as mechanical transmission and belt transportation machinery support rollers, or the material being processed to exert a certain amount of pressure to produce pressure effect. Widely used in papermaking, textile printing and dyeing, steel plate production, printing, tanning, food processing and wood processing and other sectors. Rubber rollers and metal rollers are different, rubber rollers have a certain elastic deformation characteristics of the surface layer, so that the surface of the product to withstand a certain amount of pressure, but does not produce excessive shear stress and damage to the product.
Rubber rollers and pure metal rollers, compared to its elasticity, abrasion and chemical resistance and oil resistance, these advantages are particularly suitable for application in the paper industry pressure roller and printing and dyeing machine rollers, can be in the case of paper or cloth without injuring the squeeze pressure out of the paper or cloth in the water, these advantages of the metal rollers do not have.

Rubber roller according to the use of the following categories:
First, papermaking rubber rollers, but also the pressure roller, guide roller, squeezing roller, volts roller, drying cylinder rollers, felt rollers, vacuum suction press rollers and so on.
Second, the printing and dyeing rubber rollers, and is divided into liquid pressure rollers, dyeing rollers, printing rollers, mercerizing dip rollers, hollow curved rollers and liquid pressure rollers.
Third, the printing rubber rollers, ink adjustment rollers, ink transfer rollers and embossing rollers.
Fourth, other rubber rollers, typewriter rollers, mimeograph rollers, huller rollers, tannery rollers, plastic embossing rollers, sheet metal pickling rollers, plywood press rollers, and transmission rollers.

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