Rubber open mixing mill

Rubber open mixing mill is the short name of open type rubber refining machine, in the plastic products factory, people are also used to call it two-roll machine. Rubber opener is a kind of mixing and refining plastic equipment applied earlier in the plastic products manufacturing factory, in the rubber production industry, rubber opener is an important equipment. If the rubber opener roller failure we how to deal with it? How can we quickly solve the problem without delaying the production schedule? Below we analyze several common failures from the rubber opener roller:
First, the rubber opener roller bearing parts overheating, the temperature exceeds 100 ° C

1, the low temperature of the working surface of the roller, charging too much material, resulting in excessive load on the roller bearings, so that the lubricant film layer is destroyed, the result is that the liner pressure-carrying surface can not be adequately lubricated bearing temperature due to friction heat is too high and warming. The charging should be stopped, the temperature of the working surface of the roller should be heated up to the temperature required by the process, and then the amount of charging should be reduced;
(2) The pressure of lubricant input bearing is low or the amount of lubricant input is small, or the oil pipeline may be blocked, the lubricant supply system should be stopped and checked;
3, bearing body cooling water circulation is not smooth or small cooling water flow, should increase the cooling water flow or inspection and dredging pipeline;
4, roller journal or liner serious wear and tear, sliding surface roughness, should stop the maintenance, grinding two parts of the sliding contact surface or change the liner.

Second, the distance between the working surfaces of the rubber opener roller can not be adjusted to small
1, the roller working surface diameter grinding is too small, speed ratio gear meshing interference should be corrected top height;
2, bearing liner wear is serious, the inner hole diameter is too large, should change the bearing liner.
Third, the rubber opener roller spacing gap size inaccuracy
1, the pitch device in the safety shims are badly worn or damaged, check and repair or change the safety shims;
2, pitch screw or nut serious wear, should be overhauled and replaced with serious wear parts.
Fourth, the rubber opener rotating work roller suddenly stops rotating

1, the distance between the working surface of the two rollers is too small, the rollers work seriously overloaded, should be properly adjusted to increase the gap between the rollers;
2, the roller working surface temperature is too low, should clear the roller surface of raw materials, to the roller to continue to heat the temperature, to achieve the required temperature and then feed production;
3, a feeding amount is too large, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of material;
4, roller bearing parts of the lubricant is not enough, the journal and bearing liner holding the shaft; pressure to stop unloading the bearing body, overhaul and polish the journal and liner.

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