Rubber machinery roll structure and processing difficulties analysis

Rubber machinery roll is an important part of the rubber and plastic machinery industry. With the development of the industry, the rubber machinery roll adopts the design of peripheral cooling water holes, including straight holes, slanted holes and cross holes, etc. The maximum length-to-diameter ratio reaches 71, which belongs to deep hole machining. Deep hole machining is a difficult machining technology, the processing of the existence of deep hole drilling tool slender, poor rigidity, cooling difficulties and chips are not easy to discharge and other problems, can not directly observe the tool cutting situation.

Rubber machinery roll in the work of the roll surface temperature uniformity has certain requirements, in order to minimize the temperature difference, the roll design structure using straight holes along the circumference of the uniform distribution of holes and slanted holes, the work of the roll surface into the medium to achieve cooling or heating. This structure of the rubber machinery roll has become a cold casting roller structure to improve the direction. Rubber machinery roll structure improvement undoubtedly brings difficulties to the processing and manufacturing, because the location of these small holes are in close proximity to the white layer of the pockmarked part of the material is hard and uneven, the hole diameter is small and through the full length of the roll surface.

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