Rolls are classified according to the blank manufacturing method

Monolithic rolls (also called common casting rolls)

Composite rolls (flushing lamination, centrifugal lamination, CPC lamination, jet deposition lamination, etc.). Thereinto:

Rolls manufactured by the full flushing composite method of flushing the liquid metal that overflows out of the core are called full flushing rolls;

Only the liquid metal at the core of the roll body is flushed to the upper roll neck, which is called a semi-flushing roll;

The composite roll manufactured by the centrifugal composite casting method is called the centrifugal composite roll;

Composite rolls manufactured using the CPC (Continuous Composite Fusion Casting) method are called CPC composite rolls.

Mechanical combination rolls

Rolls that are manufactured by mechanical combination are called combination rolls.

Rolls that are manufactured by mechanical combination and apply a certain pressure along the axial direction are called prestressed rolls.

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