Roll wear repair method

Iron and steel mills hot rolling line rolls in the work process for a long time with the cooling water contact, in order to protect the roller ends of the bearing parts to avoid entering the cooling water and oxides and other impurities, in the roller ends of the end position of the installation of rubber seals, the seals and the roll end of direct contact with the formation of positive pressure to achieve the sealing effect. Roll material is generally cast steel material, in such working conditions, the lip of the rubber seal for a long time with the metal friction plus cooling water contains oxides and other impurities and water corrosion, resulting in roll wear phenomenon is inevitable.

Enterprise roll wear data are as follows: roll diameter: Ф1600mm or so, wear depth: 2-3mm or so, wear width: 10-15mm.
Repair roll wear process steps
(1) Check the roll wear situation, confirm the amount of wear;
(2) Surface treatment: use oxygen acetylene to bake the surface clean of oil; sanding to remove the surface oxidation layer, the surface to achieve a rough and clean state;
(3) Blend and coat the surface with Sorey carbon nanopolymer material in strict proportion;
(4) After curing of the material, the surface of the material for grinding treatment, so that it reaches a flat and dense state;
(5) Repair is completed.

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