Roll classification – Semi-steel rolls

The carbon content of semi-steel rolls is usually 1.4~2.4%, and the mechanical properties are between cast steel and cast iron, with the characteristics of small hardness drop and high wear resistance, which are widely used in rough rolling and middle rolling stands of section steel rolling mills, rough rolling and finishing rolling of hot strip rolling mills, when the carbon content of semi-steel is greater than 1.9%, it is called high-carbon semi-steel, high-carbon semi-steel due to high carbon content, eutectic carbides and pseudo-eutectic carbides exist in the matrix structure, which are used for rolls for billet continuous rolling stands, Rolls for intermediate stands and finishing stands for section steel rolling mills. When semi-steel rolls are used as hot rolls, in order to improve crack resistance, silicon content is added to the composition to become graphite cast steel rolls, which concentrates the advantages of cast steel and cast iron, and is widely used in billet hot continuous rolling mill rolls and section steel rolling mill rolls.

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