Precautions between roll seams and rollers of calendering machine

In calendering production practice, generally in the final roll seam before the roll out of the product should be set 1 ~ 3 width not seam, and each roll seam between the two rollers to maintain a certain speed ratio. This is because
Roller seam in the accumulation of material in the case of speed ratio can be regular rolling, flow, and thus further mixing and plasticizing, so that the temperature of the material, the internal uniformity, the degree of plasticization have been fully improved, but also exclude part of the volatile gases and mixed air.

Therefore, through a certain number of rolls on the material to apply a thin pass, crushing, shear, material plasticization and homogenization has been strengthened, to improve the quality of calendered products has a positive effect. But the speed ratio can neither be too large, nor too small. Speed ratio is too large, resulting in the material in the roll gap by the role of friction and temperature rise is too high, easy to burn or pyrolysis. Speed ratio is too small, the law of motion of the material will be irregular, homogenization and exhaust effect will be reduced, but also easy to make the air mixed in the material, the formation of bubbles in the product, thus affecting the precision and quality of the product.

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