Paper machine guide roll corrosion wear correct repair protection method

Paper mill paper machine guide roll in the long-term water vapor erosion caused by corrosion, and corrosion caused by serious broken roll problems. Paper machine guide roll is generally made of hollow carbon steel tube, in the humidity and heat, water erosion in the long-term environment is very easy to corrosion, the guide roll length of about 5 meters, diameter of 300mm, the middle part of about 4 meters of the part of the serious pitting pits. BAOFENG MMC thought of several ways to repair the corrosion and wear of the paper machine roll corrosion can not meet the expectations:
1. Because the corrosion of the roll surface will cause damage to the dryer fabric, the enterprise tends to corrode the serious guide roll for scrapping;.
2. looking for outsourcing units grinding machine processing after chrome plating, grinding will reduce the rigidity of the roll body more obviously, but about a year must be re-grinding and chrome plating, if you encounter serious corrosion will lead to the inability to chrome plating, can only be discarded to redo the new roller; 3. processing of stainless steel sleeve, the roll surface corrosion wear damage to the dry web, companies tend to scrap the badly corroded guide rollers.

3. Processing stainless steel sleeve, the method is often too high cost, and the cost of replacing the new rollers.
The above methods are too time-consuming, a serious delay in the enterprise’s production schedule, and repair costs are high. Then there is no correct and effective repair method? The enterprise understands that the Sole process can be quickly and effectively repair, the use of this new technology, and indeed the effect is obvious, and the operation process is also particularly simple:
1. sandblasting the surface of the cadre guide roller; 2.
2. the whole guide roller coated with carbon nanopolymer materials to protect against rust and corrosion.
3. filling the pits with carbon nanopolymer material; 4. using a scraper to restore the surface flatness.
4. restoration of surface flatness by scraper; 5. curing of the material.
5. Curing of the material.
See this process is not to repair the paper machine guide roll corrosion wear can be so simple, and this process can be based on the different operating conditions of the equipment using different anti-corrosion repair program. The use of materials for wear and corrosion parts of the repair, in order to ensure that the repair accuracy and meet the installation requirements on the basis of avoiding the re-emergence of surface corrosion phenomenon, and the material has a metal does not have the corrosion resistance, can effectively alleviate the damage due to the operating conditions of the equipment on the guide roller to prolong the life cycle of the equipment, and the repair cycle is short.

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