Overall Structure of Mixer

The overall structure of Mixer and the function of each part:
(1) Mixing part: the mixing part is mainly composed of rotor, densification chamber, sealing device and so on.
(2) Charging part: it mainly consists of right charging chamber and bucket-shaped charging mouth and flap door (charging door) 11, which is mainly used for charging and instantaneous storage of materials.
(3) pressure material part: it is mainly by the top bolt 9 and promote the top bolt to do up and down reciprocating movement of the cylinder 14 composition, its main role: to give the rubber material a certain pressure, accelerate the process of refining, improve the effect of refining.

(4) unloading device part: mainly installed in the refining chamber below the lower top bolt 3 and the lower top bolt locking mechanism 2 composed of its main role, is in the rubber refining is completed after the discharge of rubber, that is, unloading. Under the top of the bolt can be cooled by cooling water, under the top of the bolt in contact with the material ‘ ‘-shaped surface should be surfaced with wear-resistant alloy, to increase its wear resistance.
(5) Transmission device part: there are mainly motor 22, flexible coupling 21, reducer 20 and toothed coupling 19 and other components. Installed in the transmission base, its role: transmission of power, so that the rotor to overcome the resistance to work and turn, so as to complete the refining operation.
(6) base: mainly composed of machine base, some are divided into host base and transmission base. Its role: for the use of the refiner, on which the host and transmission system components are installed.
(7) heating and cooling system: mainly composed of pipes and distributors, so that the cooling water or steam through the refining chamber, rotor and the top and bottom of the top of the bolts and other cavities circulating flow, in order to control the temperature of the rubber. The heating and cooling system of the refining machine introduced from abroad is equipped with temperature control device, which adopts constant temperature water heating and cooling. Role: according to process requirements, control the temperature of the rubber in the refining process

(8) Hydraulic system: mainly consists of a double vane oil pump 15, rotary cylinder 17, reciprocating cylinder 16, pipeline and oil tank and other components. It is the power supply part of the unloading mechanism. It is used to control the opening and closing of the lower top bolt and the lower top bolt locking mechanism.
(9) pneumatic system: mainly consists of cylinder 14, piston 13, the cylinder of the feeding door, air valve, pipeline and compressed air and so on. It is the power supply part of the feeding and pressing mechanism. It is used to control the lifting of the top bolt, pressurization and opening and closing of the flap door.
(10) Electrical control system: mainly consists of control box, operating machine and various electrical instruments, it is the operation center of the whole machine.

(11) lubrication system mainly consists of oil pumps, oil distributors and pipelines, in order to make the various rotating parts (such as rotating shafts, bearings, sealing devices, sealing ring friction surface, etc.) to reduce friction. In order to increase the service life, lubricant is injected into these friction surfaces. Role: Inject lubricant into each rotating part, so as to reduce the friction between the moving parts and prolong their service life.

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