Openers mixing of the cover roll and eat powder

When cover roll unsaturated rubber is processed on the open kneader, changing the roller temperature results in four different cover roll states. Lower temperature, the rubber is harder, high elasticity, the rubber mainly stays in the pile of rubber at the sliding, delaying the production process. Appropriate temperature, the rubber can be normal wrapped on the roller, both plastic flow and appropriate high elastic deformation, conducive to mixing operations. As the temperature increases, the mobility increases, the intermolecular force decreases, the strength decreases, the rubber film can not be tightly wrapped in the roller, the phenomenon of off-roller or rupture. Rubber at higher temperatures is a viscoelastic fluid package in the roller, and produce plastic flow.

Second, eat powder rubber package roll, in order to make the matching agent as soon as possible mixed into the rubber, in the roll seam should maintain a moderate amount of accumulation of rubber. Eat powder, when the rubber into the upper layer of the pile of rubber, due to resistance and congestion, folded up, in front of the formation of crepe grooves in the pile of rubber, powder will be able to enter these grooves, and was brought into the pile of rubber inside. If there is no pile of rubber, the agent only rely on the shear force between the back roller and rubber will be powder rubbed into the rubber, which does not make the powder deep inside the rubber, affecting the mixing effect. Moreover, the powder that is not rubbed into the rubber will be extruded by the back roller and the rubber into a thin sheet and fall into the receiving tray. If it is a liquid compound, it will stick to the rear roller or flow to the receiving tray, and make it difficult to mix in the future. In the process of eating powder, the amount of stacked rubber must be moderate. If there is no accumulation of rubber or accumulation of rubber amount is too small, on the one hand, with the agent only rely on the shear force between the rear roller and rubber rubbed into the rubber, can not penetrate into the rubber inside and affect the dispersion effect; on the other hand, not rubbed into the rubber in the powder with the agent will be squeezed by the rear roller into a slice into the receiving tray, if it is a liquid with the agent will be sticky to the rear roller or fall to the receiving tray, resulting in mixing difficulties. If the pile of rubber is too much, a part of the rubber will rotate and roll at the upper end of the roller seam and cannot enter the roller seam, so that the mating agent is not easy to mix.

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