Four roll calender model specification range: roller diameter 230mm-810mm

The four-roller calender is used for calendering film, film laminating and one-side gluing and rubbing of fabrics. The calender’s rollers are hollow and sprayed to regulate the temperature, and the upper roller has a medium height to ensure the precision of the calendered products. The calender is equipped with roller temperature adjustment device, which can adjust the temperature of roller surface according to the process requirements, and due to the use of rectifier speed motor, the calendering speed to realize stepless speed regulation.

Technical parameters:
1.roller diameter 360mm
2. Roller working length 1120mm
3. roller speed ratio 0.733:1:1:0.733
4. Linear speed of center roller 3-20.1m/min
5. Roller pitch range 0-10mm
6.Minimum thickness of calendered products 0.2mm
7.Maximum width of calendered products 920mm

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