Cold roll material selection guide

I. Cold rolls made of cast iron
Cast iron is currently a commonly used material for cold rolls, the advantages of which lie in the low cost, good machinability, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc.. However, cast iron roll also has its shortcomings, namely, low hardness, insufficient strength, easy to crack, etc.. Therefore, excessive extrusion and high temperature should be avoided in use.

Second, alloy steel material cold rolls
Alloy steel is a high-quality materials, with high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance and so on, cold rollers also began to use alloy steel as a material. Compared with cast iron, alloy steel cold roll has better durability and stability and other advantages. However, the cost of cold rolls made of alloy steel is relatively high, and the manufacturing process is also more complicated.
Third, the cold roll of super-hard alloy material
Super hard alloy is currently one of the development direction of the roll material, it is made of tungsten and cobalt powder and tungsten carbide powder mixing press molding, and then after sintering, milling and other processes. Super-hard alloy cold rolls with high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and other advantages, suitable for more demanding cold rolling processing conditions. However, due to the complexity of its production process, high cost, generally only for the manufacture of high-grade cold rolled products.
Comprehensive view, cast iron, alloy steel and super-hard alloys are currently commonly used cold roll materials, the choice of which material depends on the variety, quality and processing requirements. Therefore, the selection of suitable cold roll materials, not only to extend the service life, improve production efficiency, but also reduce costs and improve product quality.

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