Characteristics of the three heating methods of the rolls of the open kneader.

The temperature of the opener is an important factor affecting the plasticizing and mixing, and the accuracy of the temperature is directly related to the results of dosage research and development. Due to the use of the opener plastic refining and rubber-plastic mixing operation, the required temperature is much higher than the rubber refining, so for plastic refining, rubber-plastic mixing of the opener to the main heating, the current use of the heating method has thermal oil heating, water heating and electric heating of the three kinds of heating methods, the following are introduced to the three heating methods of the characteristics of the.

1, thermal oil circulation heating system
In the calender, the opening machine heating and control. This heating method in the rollers outside an additional set of thermal oil circulation heating system. The whole system consists of circulating pumps, oil tanks equipped with electric heaters, water-cooled tubes and temperature measuring elements, pipelines, temperature control instruments and electromagnetic control valves. When working, the thermal oil is heated in the circulating temperature control equipment, and then pumped into the inner cavity of the roller by the circulating pump through the rotary joint to circulate the flow.
Open the refiner thermal oil circulation heating system through the temperature measuring element to determine the oil temperature directly, and converted into electrical signals to the control instrument, if the measured temperature is higher than the set temperature, the controller will be connected to the control of the cooling water solenoid valve, while cutting off the power supply to the heater, so that the oil temperature is lowered, if the measured temperature is lower than the set temperature, the control instrument will be closed to the solenoid valve of the cooling water pipeline, while the power supply to the heater is connected to make oil temperature rise, thus realizing the oil temperature. The oil temperature will rise, thus realizing the full self-control of the roll temperature.

2、Water circulation heating system
Water circulation heating system and thermal oil heating system is similar to the principle of this method in addition to heating the rollers, but also on the rollers and processed materials can be cooled down, the same method of the same general low-temperature opener, the cooling water through the rollers in the cavity of the cooling water circulation, cooling water and the heater has no contact with each other, the two do not affect each other’s work. In this way, the refiner can be both high-temperature plastic refining, but also low-temperature strong shear refining, more suitable for rubber-plastic co-mingling in the best temperature field. Can meet the different processing objects under different process conditions of a multi-purpose machine. Due to the high heat transfer efficiency of this heating method, energy saving, process adaptability, in rubber, plastic, especially rubber-plastic mixing processing has been widely used.

3、Electric heating system
This heating method is installed in the roller cavity of a number of tubular heaters. Through the heating of radiant heat, roller walls and heaters between the air for thermal convection, roller surface to the outer surface of the heat conduction to achieve the ultimate purpose of heating the material. Due to the low efficiency of air heat transfer, the roller cavity to install the heater space is small, the size of the heater is limited, so this method of preheating time is very long, is not applicable to large and medium-sized production machine, is now mainly used for small test bench.

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