Centrifugal pouring rolls

Centrifugal composite casting roll technology advantages

1. Solidified under the action of centrifugal force, the roll structure is dense, the white mouth layer is uniform, and there are no pores, sand holes, slag inclusions, etc.;

2. Centrifugal casting rolls can be inlaid with shaft sleeves, which greatly saves the consumption of raw materials and the weight of the rolls themselves;

3. Because there is no hemp hole layer and the white mouth layer is uniform, the centrifugal composite casting roll is very convenient and fast to drill;

4. The hardness of the working surface of centrifugal composite casting rolls can be produced according to user requirements, generally up to HS76±2°, the wear resistance of the rolls is good, the internal toughness is good, and the quality is stable;

5. The working layer of the roll is uniformly organized, the hardness changes small, and the hardness difference of the white mouth layer does not exceed HS5° to ensure the stability of the roll quality;

6. Long service life (3-5 times longer than vertical static casting rolls), saving a lot of money for users;

7. The roll size can be produced according to user requirements, with a maximum diameter of 1000mm and a length of up to 6000mm

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