BAOFENG MMC centrifugal pouring roller body:

On the basis of the regular pouring calendering roller, the centrifugal pouring roller is newly launched, which uses the centrifugal pouring process to significantly improve the hardness of the roll surface, the roller body structure is fine and evenly distributed, which avoids the appearance of bubbles and trachoma in the regular casting, enhances the strength and wear resistance of the roll, and the service life is several times that of the conventional pouring process, which can be applied to the equipment of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Product name :Centrifugal pouring of the borehole roller body

Diameter (mm):Φ360-860

Roll surface hardness:HS70-75

Roughness (μm):1.6-0.02

Roll surface width(mm):L1000-4000

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